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Should I get a beef share?

What is a beef share?

I bought my first beef share with my sister about 15 years ago. We purchased a 1/4 cow from a local farmer. My portion (1/8 cow) was a little over a bankers box worth of steak and ground beef and filled my already overstocked freezer. It fed my family of two (ok, family of three- can’t forget about rookie- who probably ate just about as much as we did- spoiled dog!) for about a year.

There were several reasons we decided on a cow share, but we didn’t even know all the benefits back then. We both were interested in sustainable living, as well as the idea of having a sampling of every cut of beef available. Not to mention how much cheaper it was to buy in bulk and not spend $20/lb at whole foods.

Now I know that the how much better the cows are treated when you buy from a small farm. They are healthier animals, have more vitamins, less fat, are better for you and even better for the environment.

Our Cows

Over a decade later I now help raise and sell cows for beef shares. Here at Rookie's Gamble Farm we don't have the space for the manpower for a herd of cattle...yet. We work with our friends at Norseman Farms to raise happy healthy cows to sell to you. A quarter share from a Belted Galway cow is about 100 lbs of finished cuts and costs $8.50 per lb. Interested in buying a share? Click HERE

When you buy a share directly from a farmer, it changes your relationship with the food. It's not instacart delivering a few random cuts of meat to your house. It’s the farmer delivering real meat from a real cow that grazed on our real pastures. I have a connection to the meat that fills my freezer, and a connection to the customers whose freezers I fill. Even moreso, you don’t have to worry about purchase limits, cuts being unavailable or masking up for a trip to the grocery store.


Next 1/4 shares available for pick up or local delivery the week of December 14!

We work with Norseman Farms to raise Happy Healthy Cows that are:

· Grass fed

· Grain finished

· Free range happy cows

· Beyond organic

· Ethically and humanely treated

· Sustainably raised

Each 1/4 Share will be about 100 lbs of packaged beef cuts. Total price is $850/ or about 8.50 per lb for grass-fed, grain finished, organic, non-GMO beef. Each share will fill a normal freezer or about 1/2 of a standard chest freezer.

Contact us if you are interested or have questions- 518-364-0816


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