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Pork Shares Available Feb 1 (sold out)

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

1/2 Pig or Whole Pig Pork Shares Available for Pick Up or Local Delivery Feb 1

2 1/2 pig pork shares are still available for our Feb 1 pickup. Interested? Contact us- call or text (518)364-0816, want to reserve for next year? Let us know!

The cost for ½ pig is $3.75 per lb hanging weight (preprocessing) plus processing fees, which are about $2/lb (includes making sausage and bacon!!) Whole pig is $3.50 per lb.

The final proccessed, packaged, smoked and frozen ½ share will be $8-9/lb for just over 60 pounds of pork (2 file-sized boxes full) which includes pork chops, fresh ham, shoulders, ribs, sausage, ground pork and about 7-10lbs of bacon! This will fill a standard freezer and fills half of a standard chest freezer.

Final prices will be available after processing based on weight and smoking/preparation options, but expect about $500 for ½ pig.

Our pork products are prepared at

Orders will be prepared based on this cut sheet, but if you have any specific requests, feel free to fill out your own cut sheet here

We accept Venmo (rgfarm), Cash or check made out to Rookie’s Gamble Farm.

Example Cut Sheet- if you don't have a preference, we go with this, great variety. Highly recommend all bacon, Stratton's bacon is the BEST!

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