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Norseman Farm Japanese Wagyu Brought to you by Rookie's Gamble Farm

Updated: May 3, 2021

It's finally here. The steak we have been hearing so much about. I am so excited to try this steak this weekend!!

Contact us for more info

or call or text Tim 518-364-0816

Steak Sizes

Ribeye (50/lb) ~1.5 lb ea

Flank (33/lb) ~1.5-2 lb ea

Skirt (21/lb) ~1 lb ea

Tenderloin (60/lb) ~0.5-0.6 lb ea

NY strip (55/lb) ~1 lb ea

Sirloin (30/lb) ~2 lb ea

short ribs (30/lb) ~3-4 lb ea

top round roast (20/lb) ~3-4 lb ea

top round steak (20/lb) ~2-3 lb ea

bottom round roast (20/lb) ~3-4 lb ea

eye round roast (31/lb) ~2-3 lb ea

sirloin tips (33/lb) ~2 lb ea

brisket (23/lb) ~3 lb ea

Available this weekend for local delivery or pick up. Sorry, no shipping yet, but we will work on if for next time!

Interested in 1/8, 1/4 or 1/2 cow? Contact us for special pricing.


Read more about Norseman Farm's Wagyu Story Here

I cannot thank Jeff and Bobby at Norseman Farm enough for all their help and mentorship in farming. I refer to them as our "sister farm" but really they are our big brother. Our pigs come from Jeff’s farm each summer, the cows are all raised on Jeff’s Land. When we need a brooder or a chicken plucker, or just some advice, we turn to the guys at Norseman. And when we want to buy Wagyu beef, we wouldn’t go anywhere else. This year is the first year we will be trying the Wagyu and I couldn't be more excited about it.

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