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Filling the freezer for a long winter

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Ok, I'll admit it. The long winter has been on my mind. A lot. Since summer. I have been stocking up the pantry with home canned goods, putting up potatoes and squash and even gathering seeds for next spring since the first produce was available this summer. I also stocked my freezers, and each time I got to the store looking at beef and pork prices going up, I am glad that I did. My dream to have meadow full of sheep has actualized, but my field of cows is a few years off. That's why I am glad our good friends at Norseman Farm have enough cows to share.

Am I really Saving money by buying a 1/4 Cow Share?

I guess you can buy Walmart meat for cheaper, but do you want to?

Our price pound is about $8.50 per pound packaged and delivered for each and every cut. While that might be a bit more than organic grass fed ground beef that you might find in the grocery store, it is a fraction of what you would pay for a ribeye, London broil and filet mignon. If you’re a steak or roast eater, buying a cow share is absolutely worth the savings.

Why don’t you sell by hanging weight?

Because it is just too damn confusing.

Lots of farmers will charge price per hanging weight, the weight of the animal just after it is slaughtered. This animal is then processed and about 20-40% is waste (or not for human consumption). So if you buy a quarter share that is 100 lbs hanging weight for $6/lb, what you get is 60 pounds finished cuts, ready for the freezer for about 10/lb. Confusing? Yes. That’s why when we sell by the processed, finished weight, include the processing fees and take the math out of it. $850 for ¼ cow, or about 100 lbs of packaged finished steaks, roast and ground beef. A half cow is $1600 or about 8/lb.

Interested in buying a cow share? They will sell out so get in touch soon

oh, and if you are interested in Wagyu cow shares then be sure to check out Norseman Farms. They have some pretty incredible cuts of meat coming soon!


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