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Wagyu Beef Box- Try the best of the best wagyu products!

Approximately 10-15 lb of Farmer Choice Premium Cuts:

Each box will include: 2 Premium Cuts-


Porterhouse /Tbone



A selection of: Roasts, Sirloin Steak or tips, Marrow Bone, Ox Tail, Ribs



4 Lbs Ground beef.


Over 10 lbs of the best melt in your mouth steaks and roasts.


Pick up at the farm or delivered locally.


Our Wagyu are Raised at Norseman Farm by Jeff, Bobby and Tim. Each cow has plenty of open fields to roam, fresh hay to supplement their grass pasture daily and a small amount of grain as a treat. Our cows are 100% full blood japanese wagyu,


As the first and largest Wagyu farm in NY, you can trust that our Wagyu Beef Box will provide you with the highest quality beef.


Our cows average BMS4-5 as is typical of grass fed wagyu beef.


Enjoy the best of what Wagyu has to offer with our Wagyu Beef Box.


100% Full-blood Japanese Wagyu, Grass-fed, Organic Practice, Non-GMO

Wagyu Beef Box

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