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1/4 Beef Share of 1/2 Wagyu and 1/2 Belted Galloway Beef.  80-90 lbs of organic practice, Non-GMO, Beef. Processed, packaged and frozen. Available for pickup at the farm or local delivery to the capital district.

This hybrid cow has the increased fat content of Wagyu Beef along with the incredible flavor, but is mild enough to eat every day, and at an affordible price you can!

Each Share will nearly fill a traditional freezer, or fill an upright freezer half full. Aproximately 1/3 of the share is ground beef, the rest is steaks and roasts, t-bones, london broils, rib eye, everything! You also get to try stew bones and suet for baking with. Each 1/4 share is $1250, a $100 dollar deposit is required at time of purchase.

By chosing this option you are paying in full.  To pay only the deposit now, choose Half and Half Wagyu/Belted Galway Cow Share (deposit only)

1/4 share. Wagyu/Belted Galloway Hybrid Cow Share(pay in full)

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