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1/4 Beef Share. Approx 80-85  lbs of organic practice, Non-GMO, Wagyu/Belted Galloway Hybrid Beef.   Processed, packaged and frozen. Available for pickup at the farm or local delivery to the capital district.

Each 1/4 Share will nearly fill a traditional freezer, or fill an upright freezer half full. Aproximately 1/3 of the share is ground beef, the rest is steaks and roasts, t-bones, london broils, rib eye, everything! You also get to try stew bones and suet for baking with. Each 1/4 share is $950,

1/8 shares available- 40-45 lbs of beef- Two Grocery shopping bags FULL - only $525

Pay in full now or place a deposit today.  Local delivery to capital district or pick it up here and enjoy a free tour of the farm!


1/4 or 1/8 Wagyu Hybrid Beef Share

  • 1/4 cow Expect 2 large boxes or 3-4 shopping bags full (about 4 cubic feet) of frozen, individually vaccuum sealed beef cuts.  Find more info about beef shares HERE

    a quarter beef share will fill a traditonal freezer completely full, or fill an upright freezer about half way.  Will easily feed a family of 4 for 1 year. 

    1/2 cow- 4 large boxes or 7 shopping bags full (8 cubic feet) of frozen  individually vaccuum sealed beef cuts. Find more info about beef shares

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